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What to Expect at CYCL’s After School Chess Program

Students in CYCL’s after school program should expect to have a lot of fun while learning a ton about the royal game of chess.

Our after school programs are open to all levels of students in the Fall of each year. Very often, the Spring semester is reserved for returning players only in order to assure that the class can move more quickly. Every student receives their own lesson book and many also have supplemental checkmate packets.

Strategies that are taught by our coaches and reviewed in our first three Lesson Books (we currently have five Lesson Books) include:

  • Object of the game
  • Piece movement
  • Checkmate with two rooks
  • Castling & Development
  • Escaping Check
  • In-Your-Face & Back-Rank Checkmate Patterns
  • Draws
  • Chess Notation
  • Scholar’s Mate
  • Forks
  • King & Queen Checkmate
  • Pins and Discoveries
  • 1858 Famous Game – Morphy vs. The Duke & Count
  • Endgame Basics
  • Pawn Structure
  • King & Rook Checkmate
  • Opposition & Pawn Promotion
  • The Fried Liver Attack (opening plan)
  • 1851 Famous Game: Anderssen vs. Kizeritsky

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Besides instruction…

The kids enjoy playing games, both competitively (on our ladders or in practice tournaments) and casually (sometimes with a chess clock). Students also use the laptops to gain more practice, sometimes with a drill that has been setup by the coaches. CYCL brings in a variety of tools to help the students learn the game in a fun environment.