Tournaments and Training

Ready to Compete! CYCL Quads. Students are ready to compete in Quad tournaments if they understand checkmate and stalemate, know the rules for castling and pawn promotion, and can find basic checkmates. Quads are low-key events with the option of playing in the morning (9-12) session or the afternoon (1:30-4:30) session. Four players of the same level in a group. Trophy to 1st, medal to 2nd, token prizes to 3rd & 4th. Cost is $20 for each Quad tournament (pay at door). Use the form on the left to find and register for an upcoming Quad. CYCL Training. With training sessions you have the option of either the AM (9-11:30) or PM (1:30-4). Activities will include one-on-one training, practice notation games, game review, worksheets, and passport testing. Don’t miss out on this fun and great opportunity to be better prepared for the next tournament. Cost is $20 for each Training session (pay at door). Use the form on the left to find and register for an upcoming Training session. CYCL Rated. The United States Chess Federation (USCF) rated events, hosted by CYCL, are for players who have played in at least two CYCL Quad events with reasonable success. Tournament rules are strictly enforced.

When playing for a team, you work your hardest!

Coach Jay is always on hand to offer advice and game analysis when CYCL travels to tournaments.

Legacy celebrates their 2007 Western States win!

Other Locally Rated. CYCL families can choose to participate in USCF-rated events throughout Southern California. You can find events every weekend, but the closer venues are the ACA Chess ClubLA Chess Club and the AAA Chess Club.

Travel & National Rated. A few times each year, CYCL students will descend en masse on an event such as the State Championship or even a National event. Coach Jay will usually coordinate registrations for these events.

Several of CYCL’s talented students competed at the USCF 2013 National K-12 Grade Championships in Lake Buena Vista, Florida as well as the USCF 2016 SuperNationals in Nashville, TN!

Parents of CYCL kids should always be sure to clear out their car trunks prior to a tournament!

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