California Youth Chess League
(CYCL) is a California 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization, with a mission of empowering youth to grow through chess.

CYCL was founded in 1996 by Coach Jay Stallings (who is ranked as an Expert with the United States Chess Federation). With programs including after school and evening classes, tournaments, camps, free chess play, and special events year round, CYCL makes chess incredibly accessible in the Santa Clarita Valley.

Through the years, under Coach Jay’s leadership, California Youth Chess League has taught chess to over 20,000 young players in and around Santa Clarita.

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California Youth Chess League is struggling during these trying times. In our Fall classes, we typically have over 700 students enrolled. In the Fall of 2020, we have 114 registered for classes. We don’t know what the future holds, but we would love to continue to be able to offer classes this coming Spring. At this point, we do not have the finances to continue to operate past December 18th, 2020. Any donation amount is sincerely appreciated.
CYCL’s non-profit ID # is 95-4576468.


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Checkmate COVID-19 This Fall!

Dear CYCL Families,

Do you feel the envy? EVERY other activity wishes that they could do online learning and fun like chess can! EVERY chess program wishes that they were as prepared to give engaging, fun, instructive, and seemingly countless challenging lessons and activities to their students as CYCL has been!

US Chess (the official national organization) recognized the impressive nature of CYCL’s program and, of all the program directors in the country, selected Coach Jay as the 2020 Organizer of the Year for his pioneering programs to bring all of the benefits and enjoyment of the royal game to your children through online lessons and activities.

  • Over 20 lessons each week (to make sure there is something for everyone!)
  • 7 “Activities” per week to increase the excitement and motivation at a maximum!
  • Zoom, Chess Programs, Chess Play website, Training Site, PowerPoint, and Kahoot to keep everything fresh!

We hope you don’t miss this very special opportunity to glean something positive from this otherwise unforgettably difficult period in your children’s lives.

With the very best wishes for health and happiness,

The CYCL Staff


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