CYCL Student Tommy Hart wins $1500 at American Open!

CYCL student and Hart High freshman, Tommy Hart, won $1500 at the American Open Chess Championships over the Thanksgiving weekend. Tommy finished with 6 wins and 2 draws in the Under 1600 section. “I played badly in my two draws, but my opponents made big mistakes to give me the opportunity to draw,” said the always-modest Tommy. Going into the final game, it looked like Tommy might need to win in order to secure first-place, but after his closest competitor (half a point behind him) drew his game, Tommy needed only a draw. Unfortunately, he was already in a losing position. Things got worse and it looked hopeless, but Tommy, who never resigns, battled on until his opponent suddenly blundered, allowing Tommy to fork his king and rook. After that, he double-checked the charts to make sure a draw was enough to win clear first, then he offered the truce to his weary opponent who quickly accepted and the celebration was on. Tommy bought two dozen Krispy Creme donuts for the Hart High team to enjoy on the drive home! Congrats Tommy!

Hart High senior, Anthony Wong took home $450 for Best Under 1200 with a score of 5-3 in the Under 1400 section.