Super States 2014 Update!

Hello everyone,SuperStates

Super States 2014 is finally here! We are ready to have a great event and looking forward to see you all.

Here are a couple things to read over before the event:

Please check the Advanced Entries list to confirm that your registration is correct. Check the name, grade, school/team, and most importantly, section. Also, if you requested a bye, it should show up. If there is a mistake, please email Coach Jay so we can get it fixed.

With over 500 young players converging on the Hyatt, we will need your help! If you have a few hours either on Saturday, March 15th or Sunday,March 16th, please volunteer for a shift or two. You don’t have to know how to play chess, but Player’s Assistants who do know how, will be used a little more. To sign up, please click here

That’s it for now.
Coach Jay